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Physics Of Vortex Engine

An idea of creation of an engine that produces steady thrust & antigravity with ionic (plasma shield) across the structure of the aircraft. Mercury being an indifferent metal occurring at liquid state with high amount of surface tension produces ionic electric force that creates a force of thrust along with the gyroscope which is attached in the system that rotates at very high rpm creating an antigravity or negative gravitational force to make an aircraft to lift up. The fuel used in the engine is a liquid air which can be refuelled within the atmosphere itself by forcing the air in the tube section and compressing them by compressor of high compression ratio for obtaining liquid air and further sent to the reservoir from which it will be supplied to the engine chamber. Mercury generates enormous amount of electricity due to vortex motion in it. The combustion of liquid air and heating of mercury will occur by a OCU (Optical Control Unit) system where the sunlight (Ultra – violet) will fall to the OCU unit to a particular angle and heating the fuel upto its SIT ( self-ignition temperature )and producing ionic thrust. Usage of this engine is a huge benefit for travelling up to extremely longer distance and speed without getting the structure damaged as structure will be protected by an ionic shield around it in such a way that if a particle tries to penetrate it, the particle or the object will be destroyed and it will protect the aircraft. The amount of thrust produced by this engine will be enormously higher than the ordinary gas turbine engine. This engine will bring a great revolution in the field of propulsion sciences and will create a new era of space transportation that will benefit the entire universe and will change the current scenario of propulsion unit.