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Residual Life Assessment In High Temperature Zones Of Power Plant Components

The present paper gives an overview of the high temperature assessment procedures with recent developments in procedures of residual life assessment. A failure in any power plant will ultimately affects the shutdown of the plant and affects the Power supply by the plant that leads to the heavy losses. The Failure of the power plant is mostly due to failure in the Boiler tubes of different zones. Failure of tubes i n boiler of the power plants may occur due t o various reasons. These include failures due t o creep, corrosion, erosion, overheating, fatigue, welding defects etc. It needs to be addressed by a methodology that will be developed and incorporated into design codes such as ASME, as well as in Fitnessfor-Service assessment procedures. This is due to the complex microstructures of weldments that include base metal, heataffected zone and weld metal. The reliability of the structural assessments following the codes depends strongly on availability of reliable data required as input data. Micro cracks during production either at the parent metal or at the weld metal can affect the service condition of the component which affects the life of the component, so there is a need to qualitative and reliable check of the various components of the boiler and its pressure parts by various non-destructive testing methods for the successful and cost effective operation of the plant.