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Studies of Oil Flow Analysis in Hermetic Reciprocating Compressor

In hermetic reciprocating compressor, oil supply system is usually composed of an oil pick up tube, crankshaft holes and oil grooves. The oil pick up tube is immersed into the oil sump, at the bottom of the shell. During operating process, the oil is pumped into the oil pick up tube and delivered to the shaft bearings, connecting rod and piston. This paper presents mathematical model of oil supply system. There are four number of radial oil discharge holes on the crankshaft wall. Total mass flow rate based on maximum pressure head at the inner wall of oil pick up tube is calculated. The oil risen up in the oil pick up tube flows out through radial oil discharge holes. So, total quantity of mass flow rate at inner wall of oil pick up tube and quantity of mass flow rate flowing out through four radial oil discharge holes at different oil temperatures are evaluated by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. It is found that analytical result related to total mass flow rate is very close the one given by software at 40°C temperature of oil. The results can be used to design and optimize the oil supply system of hermetic reciprocating compressor.