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Enhancement of Wind Turbine Acceleration Using Magnetic Accelerating Unit

The utilization of wind energy is not a new technology but draws on the rediscovery of a long tradition of wind power technology. Today, while energy production based on the burning of coal and oil or on the splitting of the uranium atom is meeting with increasing resistance, regardless of the various reasons, the re-emergence of wind power is an almost inevitable consequence. The work describes the methodology followed for the design and development of a new Magnetic Accelerated Wind Turbine. The set-up will overcome most of the conventional Wind Turbine problems. Conventional wind turbines rely on wind velocity only for its driving power requirement. No external force is applied for acceleration of wind turbines; it purely depends on wind velocity or wind cut. Thus there is need for a power source which is substantially pollution-free to operate, requiring no external power and is simple to maintain. The Magnetic Accelerated unit helps us to overcome the problem of low wind speed in several areas. It will generate the electrical power from low wind speed, thus enhancing the overall efficiency of windmill. After getting the initial torque to rotate, magnetic accelerated unit will start to accelerate the windmill for desired output.