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Experimental And Fea Of Particle Impact Erosion For Polymer Composites

The main aim of this paper is to study solid particle erosion of PMCs such as vinylester/glass and vinylester/carbon using orthogonal array experimental approach. The controllable parameters selectedfor the study included impingement velocity (50, 75 and 100 m/sec), impact angle (45º, 60º and 75º), erodent size (200, 300and 400µm) and standoff-distance (120, 180, 240 mm). S/N ratio analysis was performed to find the most influencing factor. Thelaminates with [0/90] and [-55/+55] stacking sequence were characterized for erosion damage. Amongst the four parameters selected for the study, impingement velocity had the greatest influence on the erosion rate followed by impact angle. The other two parameters showed marginal significance. Erosion rates were lower at lower values of S/N ratio. Also, erosion wear rates of laminate having stacking sequence [-55/+55] is lower than that of [0/90] stacking sequence.