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The Influence Of The Interaction Of Wind Flow And The Wind Turbine Blade On The Power Output

The process of the wind turbines work is based on the transformation of the wind motional energy into the mechanical energy of the wind wheel rotation. This transformation is carried out in the process of influence of the aerodynamic forces on the wind turbine blades. The main way to calculate the wind turbine power is to compare the energy of the wind flow in front of and behind the wind-driven generator. However, to determine values affecting the power it is necessary to analyze the direct force interaction of the wind flow and the wind turbine blades. Some values, affecting the power, characterize the wind turbine stability too, which is an important factor for the safety of the wind turbine. The article describes the basics of the wind wheel aerodynamics and the connection of values affecting the wind turbine stability and power. Index Terms- Aerodynamic force, Lift force coefficient, Effective incidence, Aerodynamic drag, Wind turbine power.