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Reduction In The Severity Of The Airplane Accident By Use Of Safety Glider Plates

The research efforts outlined in this paper address the aerodynamic design of safety glider plates which leads to hovering of the aeroplane and leads to reduction in the severity of the aeroplane accident by improving its landing capabilities. In the last 53 yrs the world has witnessed around 1828 aviation accidents among which 33% have been severe and caused havoc in day-to-day lives. Aviation accidents leads to a great loss as most of accidents eventually leads to planes turned into tons of flaming chunk. This is an extreme cause of concern as majority of passengers comprising of business class which includes politicians, defence personnel’s, national leaders hence any casualty among these will directly affect the nation. So in order to decrease the severity of accidents safety glider blades must be used which assures the increase in effective surface area of flight's wings and thus increases the lift force, drag force and time of flight. The hovering of plane in air significantly lowers the transverse speed of the plane and hence-forth raising the drag force. These efforts of enhancing the time of flight and decreasing the transverse speed during landing can further be enriched by use of parachutes which further leads to magnify time of flight and decrease in terminal velocity of airplane