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The Experimental Study Of Impinging Jet Flow Cooling Technology For Electric Motor

This study aims to discussing the impinging jet technology and provide more efficient cooling mechanism for rotating machinery. Conducted in normal condition, the experiment compares the motor’s temperature change with the traditional cooling system and jet flow cooling system, at the rotational speed of 3000rpm, 3500rpm, 4000rpm and 4500rpm, so as to evaluate the DC motor’s heat transfer. In this experiment, the motor’s structure is not modified, and the plates of different numbers of holes are separately added between the fan and the cooling channel. It is to keep the cooled flow’s pressure and pump it out to make a jet flow for cooling down the components related to the rotor and stator. Besides, the thermocouple wire is used to record the temperature change on the surface of the motor. The experiment concludes that the temperature on the surface does drop at the four speeds when the multi-ring and multi-hole jet plate is applied. It is obvious that this cooling system actually works better. Keywords— Impinging Jet, Motor Cooling, Heat Exchange