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Duct Inspection And Cleaning Robot

In the world of globalization and modernization where air conditioning system acts as the pulse of every modern infrastructure, in which air supply plays a prominent role in cooling. The duct systems work as nerves of these air conditioning units. Also, its maintenance is required for greater efficiency to prevent damage. Our research focuses on the non-destructive techniques to clean the dust, fungi, foreign particles and it also detects flaws, cracks, and corrosion inside the ducts. The technique if used on a regular basis, we can increase the efficiency and life of ducts and the cooling units. This research involves a wirelessly controlled robot powered by rechargeable batteries, having wheeled and wall tire system for movement inside different cross-sectional ducts. It comprises of several sensors like ultrasonic, humidity, gas, thermography and pressure sensors to provide the great visuals for inspection of various parameters inside the ducts. The prime objective is to clean the ducts by a cleaning probe attached to the robot, different probes like scrubber blades, abrasive blades are attached further for removing the dust, fungi, and bacteria from ducts. Helping to provide the healthy conditioned air supply to the chambers. The robot equipped with infra-red cameras for the live view of inside the ducts. As dust, fungi, bacteria and corrosion affects the efficiency, the cleaning probe provides the removal of these impurities. The simple design of robot makes it more convenient and useful for varying cross section ducts and helps to build its bond at consumer ends. Index Terms— Air Conditioning, Cleaning, Robot, Ducts.