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Experimental Studies On Grey Cast Iron Reinforced Aa6061 Composite

Aluminium alloy composites are widely used because of their higher strength, stiffness and good wear resistance. In producing these composites the reinforcing materials used in common have been silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, boron carbide and graphite in the form of particles or whiskers. The ceramic particles reinforced aluminum composites are new generation materials which can be tailored for particular properties for specific application requirements. The particulates reinforced composite have best plastic forming ability than that of whisker or fiber counterpart and hence have emerged as most demanding reinforcements with great cost advantage. The particulate reinforced composites have been proved to be most suitable for heat and wear resistance applications. In the present study microstructure, hardness, tensile and impact properties of AA 6061based composite reinforced with Grey Cast Iron (GCI) is analyzed and presented. The presence of Grey Cast Iron resulted in improving the mechanical properties of their respective composites. The micrographs of the composites studied revealed the uniform distribution of the particles in the matrix system. Comparison of the characteristics study before and after heat treatment was done and it was found that there is an improvement in hardness, tensile strength and impact resistance of the composites as well as AA 6061 alloy after heat treatment. Index Terms- particulate, metal matrix composites, stir casting, heat treatment