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Response Surface Methodology And Genetic Algorithm: An Approach For Process Parameter Optimization In Turning

The enhancement of productivity in manufacturing processes effects on the acceleration of the design and evolution in modern cutting tools. There is non-linear nature of metal cutting and the intricate connection to deformation, surface roughness along with time elapsed and power consumed. In this case a complete knowledge of the mechanics of metal cutting is still meager. So concentrating on that topic is great deal of recent exploration, which deals with high speed machining, and has been the main objective of the Mechanical Engineering in modern trend. The input parameters include cutting speed, feed rate and depth of cut which are cutting operations. Meanwhile in turning process, these parameters are found having greater impact on responses like surface roughness, power consumption and machining time which are output results. Hence there is a need to optimize the system parameters. So use of combined optimization techniques gives the best suitable values. This paper presents a review and gives optimization technique which is combined use of RSM and Genetic algorithm in turning . Keywords— Optimization, RSM, Genetic Algorithm.