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Performance Analysis Of Refrigerants Based On Ejector Expansion Technology

Performance analysis of R32, Propylene, R600 R290, R600, R717 in VCR cycle by using ejector expansion technology. use of constant pressure mixing ejector by us for the analysis purpose. In VCR cycle by fixing evaporating temperature and condenser temperature for all the refrigerants calculation of the COP, work done by the compressor and volumetric refrigeration capacity has been done for all the refrigerants.. .for each refrigerant deferent mixing pressure range found for which solution exist. And for given range of mixing pressure we found optimum pressure for which COP is maximum . Simple VCR and ejector based VCR has been compared on the basis of COP, work required by the compressor, and volumetric refrigeration capacity. Improvement in COP of R32, propylene, R600, R290, R717,R152a is 13.484%,15.775% 11.91%,16.23 %,7.47, and 10.54% respectively. . Optimum value of entrainment ratio for all the refrigerants also tabulated. Keywords— Vapour Compression Cycle, Ejector, COP, Evaporating and Condensing Temperature, Optimum Pressure.