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Evaluation Of Deflection Due To Bending Of N1 Type Vehicle Chassis Members Using Static Finite Element Analysis

Chassis is the foremost component of an automobile that acts as the frame to support the vehicle body. Strength and stiffness are two important criteria for the design of the chassis. This paper introduces finite element analysis and describes the process of finite element analysis used for computation of bending stiffness of chassis. The cross members of chassis are also analyzed for deflection due to bending. The research work was performed as a part of final year project at the Automobile Research Association of India (ARAI).The CAD model of chassis was done using approximate dimensions of N1 type TATA Ace chassis. Software used was CATIA V5 for modeling and ANSYS Workbench for analysis. The static loads acting on chassis were calculated by measuring the load acting due to other components of the vehicle on the chassis under static conditions. Keywords— Bending deflection, stiffness, CATIA V5, ANSYS, N1 typevehicle Chassis.