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Passenger Seat Structure Optimization For AIS -023 By Using Composite Material

Seat is important parts of vehicle. The intention of this paper was analyzing existing passenger seat and modified seat as per necessity. In these paper seat modifications means structure modification and material substitution. The FEA results of existence model indicate that cannot offer effective safety for the occupants and necessitate for structural enhancement. In structural modification, it would be better if we can offer weight reduction and cost effective by undertaking material substitution. Here we doing two modifications in existing seat like structure modified and material substitution for some extent. But modified seat have to be compulsory to meet the AIS requirements. Evaluate FEA results of modified design with respect to displacement range as per standard. So modified seat analyzed through Hyper Mesh and LS-DYNA software. Keywords— Automotive passenger Seat, Composite Material, AIS 023 Standards, Optimization.