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Design And Analysis Of Exhaust Manifold Expansion Joint For Wdp4d Diesel Locomotive

Exhaust manifold expansion joint cracks from Thermo-mechanical Fatigue (TMF) are often seen on railway locomotive EMD WDP4D which adversely affects the functioning of Turbo-super charger due to exhaust gas leakage Finite Element analysis (FEA) is to be performed to investigate fatigue phenomena due to the thermal loadings applied to the expansion joint of exhaust manifold. This study focus on the development of a reliable approach to predict failure of expansion joint and on the removal of structural weaknesses through the optimization of design. The optimization of cast and fabricated manifolds requires different techniques, due to the production restrictions. The locations where failures occur on expansion joints are predicted with high degree of accuracy using ANSYS V16. This study also shows an optimization package, which provides practical solutions to engineering problems through the removal of local structural weaknesses on highly loaded exhaust manifolds. Keywords— Exhaust Manifold, Expansion Joint, Von Misses, Thermal Fatigue, Convection, Stress.