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Experimental Investigation On The Performance Of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Using Tobacco-Diesel Blends

In the present investigation tobacco-diesel blend was used as an alternate fuel for diesel engine. The properties of tobacco oil were determined. Crude tobacco oil is converted to tobacco seed methyl esters (TSOME) by esterification process. The performance and emissions parameters of single cylinder, stationary diesel engine were calculated with the blends (B5, B10, B20, B30, B40) prepared and with the standard diesel and graphs were plotted. The parameters obtained by the above tests were compared with the base line data obtained by using diesel and optimum tobacco seed oil blend B5 is obtained. The blend showed best performances increase in brake thermal efficiency, decrease in brake specific fuel consumption and reduction in emissions CO, HC and smoke density. Finally results shows that tobacco seed methyl esters can used as alternate fuel for compression ignition engines. Keywords— TSOME(Tobacco seed methyl esters), Esterification, non edible oils, brake power.