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Selecting Appropriate Cutting Tool Insert For Turning Using Analytical Hierarchy Process And Weighted Product Method

Manufacturing is heart of the industrialization sector. In manufacturing system were involves number of operation such as turning, milling, drilling, grooving, threading etc. In turning main focus area is surface roughness of that component and its surface roughness mainly depend on the cutting tool insert. The aim of this paper is to selecting appropriate cutting tool insert by using multiple attributes decision making method (MADM). Multiple attributes decision making method which is ranking method to selection of two or more alternative material. MADM having several types is this analysis used to weighted product method (WPM) and Analytical hierarchy process (AHP) method to selecting appropriate cutting tool insert among the other cutting tool insert. In this research five numbers of alternative cutting tools insert and five specifications for material selection is used for optimum design. Keyword— MADM, WPM, AHP.