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Study And Advanced Concept For Side Impact Protection Beams To Reduce The Injury Of The Occupant Using CAE

Side Impact crashes can be generally dangerous because there is no room for large deformation to protect an occupant from the crash forces. The side impact collision is the second largest cause of death in United States after frontal crash. it is very essential to take necessary precautions to avoid fatalities during the event of side impact crash. The main object of this thesis work is to change the current car door impact beam with the modified design and using a high strength steel of yield stress 1.2 Gpa instead of low strength steel of yield stress 0.366 Gpa in order to reduce the intrusion of side closure structure to reduce the injury of the occupant. The usage of the high strength impact beam on the car door has been implemented and its effectuality in reduction of intrusion of the door structure has been evaluated using cae. Keywords— Impact Beam, Crash, Material Displacement, High Strength Steel.