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Enhancement Of Impact Strength Of Saw Welded Low Carbon Steels By Addition Of Titanium And Manganese In Agglomerated Flux

The present study is an attempt to understand Enhancement of Impact strength of SAW welded low carbon steels by addition of Titanium and Manganese in agglomerated flux. Nine different compositions of fluxes were prepared by varying percentages of the elements from 9 to18% of TiO2 and 1.4 to 2.0 % MnO2. The welding conditions were kept constant for each weld like welding speed, welding current and arc voltage. The Minitab software was used to determine the number of experiments to be performed with different factors at different levels. Various tests like Impact test, Microhardness test & tensile test were conducted to study the effect of different flux compositions on the mechanical properties of weld bead. Based on the analysis of variance (ANOVA) it was found that the percentage composition of titanium has the greater influence on the micro hardness, since p- value for the Titanium is much lesser than the 0.05 and manganese percentage have lesser effect on the micro hardness. Further it was found that the average percentage composition of both titanium and manganese giving significant increase in the tensile strength values. The value of Impact strength of the weld metal is maximum at 18% of TiO2 and 1.4% of MnO2 and minimum at 9% of TiO2 and 2% of MnO2 at welding current of 400A and arc voltage of 28V.The increase in titanium content in fluxes also improve the toughness and ductility of the welds. Keywords- SAW flux, Impact strength, Micro hardness, and optimization