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Predictive Modelling Of Chip Serration Using Fuzzy Logic

Abstract— Chip Serration is a typical characteristic observed in high speed machining. The chip formed has zones of low and high shear strains with serrated teeth appearing in the body of the chip. These variations influence the chip frequency which affects the tool life and hence the production cost. The objective of this paper is to optimize cutting speed, axial depth of cut, radial depth of cut and to determine the frequency. In this present work, stainless steel AISI 420 is used as a work piece and coated (TiN+TiAlNi) Tungsten Carbide as the tool. The range of cutting parameters are cutting speed, axial depth of cut and radial depth of cut which were selected for two level factorial design for the experimental work. The chip serration frequency was computed and modeled through fuzzy logic system. The developed fuzzy model works efficiently with average error produced -1.6376197 when compared with the experimental work.