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3D Finite Element Analysis Of Milling Operation On Aisi 420 Ss Using Deform 3D

Abstract— Milling is one of the most important conventional machining operations used in Industry. The milling operation is influenced by many parameters. One of the most important factors is temperature, since it affects the tool life, wear, etc., Therefore prediction of temperature during operation is very important for understanding, optimizing the process parameters to improve machining operation. The work piece material chosen was stainless steel, since the machining of stainless steel is very low because of high hardness. This paper deals with the acquirement and comparison of parametric values obtained during milling operation done on steel alloy of specification AISI 420 with the simulated values through FEA. The parameter chosen was temperature. The tool used for operation is coated tungsten carbide. Finite Element Analysis using DEFORM 3D software is done on the milling operation by varying the speed of mill cutter on the work piece, for three times and temperature values are obtained during each individual process. The material is defined in software by using John-cook’s equation. The same procedure is done in real time for the same processing conditions used in software on a vertical machining centre. The temperature produced during the process is observed using an Infrared pyrometer. The results obtained from experimental work and simulation when compared was proved to be valid.