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Metal Hydride Formation By Mg Alloy Sintered Powder For Hydrogen Storage Application

Abstract— Hydrogen storage is clearly one of the key challenges in developing hydrogen economy [2]. Magnesium based alloys can be used for Hydrogen Storage Materials. The composition of Mg-Al alloy is Mg-42 at.% Al and synthesized by 40hours milling time to produced MgAl solid solution. Powder from milling process sintered temperature 600o C and two hours holding time at argon environment to produced Mg17Al12 phase. Mg17Al12 powder hydrogenated at 1 MPa pressure and the temperature is 4000 C with variation time 1, 2 , dan 3 hour. XRD analysis identified the MgH2 phase, and the result is 1.242%, 3.082% and 4.2% after hydriding time 1, 2, 3 hours.