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An Experimental Investigation On Machinability Of Waspaloy

Nickel-based Superalloys such as Waspaloy provide several advantages, including a high-temperature strength and high corrosion resistance. Therefore the demand for such material has rapidly increased, particularly in aerospace industries, steam turbines and gas turbines applications. On the other hand they are known as one of the most difficult to cut materials due to their mechanical and chemical properties and the tool life is extremely short. In this paper the analyses of surface roughness (Ra), tool tip temperature (Ti), cutting force along x-direction (Fx), cutting force along y-direction (Fy) and cutting force along z-direction (Fz) in machining of waspaloy by considering the cutting parameters feed, speed and depth of cut. The machining tests have been carried out using carbide insert under different condition using Taguchi’s orthogonal array. The experimental results are investigated using analysis of variance (ANOVA). Keywords— Waspaloy, Carbide inserts, Surface Roughness , Tool Temperature, Cutting Forces.