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Study On Plate Element Using Classical Theory And Finite Element Method

The fundamental obstacle in Structural Mechanics is the determination of deformational response of the structures subjected to different loading conditions. Various researchers have devised Classical theories for resolving the static and dynamic loading on structures. However, the Classical method of analyzing the structures become inconvenient under complicated boundary conditions. In order to overcome such complications the use of modern software, utilizing new methods like Finite Element Method (FEM), Matrix Method etc. have become quite frequent in the field of Structural Mechanics. This paper provides a comparative analysis of the results estimated by the Classical Plate Theory of Timoshenko and Krieger and those obtained by a Finite Element Method(FEM) based Software in case of a plate subjected to loading under different supporting conditions. This paper suggests the advantageousness and aptness of the FEM based software in estimating the response of plate element. Keywords- Plate, Classical Theory of Plates, Finite Element Method, ANSYS, Plate with hole, Timoshenko and Krieger.