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Experimental Analysis Of Pulsating Heat Pipe For Air Conditioning System

This Paper aim to develop a highly cost effective Air Conditioner with use of pulsating heat pipe instead of cooling coils. In conventional Air conditioner work on Vapour compression cycle with use of Compressor for increased pressure and temperature of working fluid, that is refrigerant. Compressor is very high power consuming device and needs great amount of electrical energy. Also compressor produces noise and requires maintenance. At present in India there is shortage of electrical power and there is large number of efforts are carried out to reduce power consumption. This paper is part of one such effort. Objective of this paper is to eliminate the use of high power consuming compressor and use a pulsating heat pipe instead of cooling coils. Eliminating use of compressor will definitely reduce the power consumption; and use of pulsating heat pipe will cause the flow of refrigerant without any external power.