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FMS Scheduling Optimization Using Modified Nsga-II

Abstract— The Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) belong to the class of productive systems in which the main characteristic is the simultaneous execution of several processes and sharing a finite set of resource. Nowadays, the FMS must attend the demand of the market needs for personalized products. Consequently the product life cycle tends to be shorter and a greater variety of products must be produced in a simultaneous manner. FMS considered in this work has 16 CNC Machine tools for processing 80 varieties of products. Since minimizing machine idle time and minimizing total penalty cost are contradictory objectives, the problem has a multi objective nature. In this work, a multi-objective optimization procedure has been developed based on Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm (NSGA II).Existing NSGA II has been modified in order to improve the global optimal front and the computational effort. Result has been compared with the existing NSGA-II and it is found that the proposed approach is superior.