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Thermal Modeling of Snow to Water Conversion Device Using Solar Energy

Abstract - Solar energy can be utilized in numerous ways to meet the various energy requirements. A parabolic dish collector is a device designed to collect energy from sunlight. This principle is utilized in the project to produce water by melting snow. The aim of the project is achieved by concentrating the solar energy using a parabolic dish with reflective material to an absorber or receiver arrangement. The absorber or receiver is the part where snow is melted. The water obtained is stored in a storage tank with suitable insulation provided which helps to reduce the heat losses to the surroundings. The thermal analysis of the receiver is carried out to obtain the temperature distribution in the receiver. The snow covered region of the Himalayas (Siachen) is considered for modelling the parabolic dish collector. This work is thought of helping the soldiers in high altitudes by supplying them with water thus eliminating the need of carrying water with them.