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Oscillatory Flow of Air Over Magnetic Fluid Coated on Oscillating Flat Plate

This study deals with an oscillatory flow of air over a uniform magnetic fluid coating on a flat plate oscillating in its own plane. The steady state solution of the oscillatory flow problem in air and magnetic fluid satisfying the boundary and the interface conditions are obtained using a complex shape function, from which the distributions of velocity and shear stress are determined. Special attention is paid to the behaviors of the velocity and the shear stress profiles and the time evolution of interface velocity, interface shear stress, and wall shear stress for varying oscillation frequency. The results for a particular set of density and viscosity ratios of 0.001 and 0.004 show that the flow decays exponentially in space with a rate proportional to the frequency parameter. The flow variables at the interface and the wall exhibit different behaviors with respect to the frequency parameter. Keywords- Air, Flat Plate, Frequency, Magnetic Fluid Coating, Steady State Oscillation.