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Effect Of A-Site Cations on Transport and Magnetic Properties of Lasrcoruo6

This paper reports the role of A-site (Sr and Ca) cation substitution on the transport and magnetic properties of LaSrCoRuO6. Both compounds crystallize in double perovskite structure, are perfectly ordered systems with Co2+ and Ru5+ magnetic ions coupling antiferromagnetically. The larger Co-O-Ru bond angles in LaSrCoRuO6 imply a straighter bond leading to the population of the π* band of Ru and a higher conductivity. Resistivity of the compounds is in confirmation with the hopping conduction behavior. Magnetization measurements indicate that the LaSrCoRuO6 compound exhibits ferromagnetic like rise in magnetization below 160K, attributed to a competition between linear Co-O-Ru-O-Co and the perpendicular Ru-O-O-Ru or Co-O-O-Co type antiferromagnetic correlations. The competition is enabled due to the straightening of the Co-O-Ru bonds in the Sr containing sample. Keywords— Archtype Double Perovskite, Dzyloshinskii-Moriya Interaction, Quasi-itinerant, Variable Range Hopping.