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Experimental Analysis of Solar Powered Thermoelectric Refrigerator

The global increasing demand for refrigeration, led to production of more electricity and consequently more use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which acts as a contributing factor in the depletion of ozone layer. Thermoelectric refrigeration is new alternative because it can convert waste electricity into useful cooling. Therefore, thermoelectric refrigeration is greatly needed, particularly for developing countries where long life and low maintenance are needed. The objective of this study is to design and develop a working thermoelectric refrigerator that utilizes the Peltier effect to refrigerate and maintain a selected temperature upto 10 °C. The requirements are to cool this volume to temperature within a time period of 2 hours and provide retention of at least next half an hour. Our project also utilizes the solar energy to run a thermoelectric system. In this project we have fabricated a thermoelectric system using both solar power and electrical power supply. The project has various applications like, food preservation, military or aerospace, medical and pharmaceutical equipment. Index Terms— Peltier effect, Module, Thermoelectric, Solar powered, Heat flow, Coefficient of Performance.