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Lean Grade East Indian Iron Ore Under Reduction With Charcoal

Iron ore with high hydroxyl content such as lateritic ore or Goethite iron ore is widely spread in Eastern India. This type of iron ore is commonly called lean grade iron ore and not used as raw material in iron making industries. With the limitation of the primary iron ore, such material is an option to the future iron making process. Unfortunately the characteristic of iron ore with high hydroxyl content is totally different to conventional iron ore. The reduction behaviour of lean ore or Goethite iron ore pellet with wood charcoal was analysed through the thermo gravimetric method. The stage wise High Resolution X-Ray diffraction analyses of reacted solid powders identified the iron ore phase changes during reduction process and the presence of reduced iron as the final product of the in-situ process was confirmed. Keywords- Goethite Iron Ore, Iron Reduction, XRD, Thermo Gravimetric Analysis.