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Experimental Error Identification of Helical Gearbox and Crowner Column Assembly in Bottle Filling Machine Using Vibration Based Condition Monitoring Approach

Concept of vibration measurement in order to examine the working condition of complex machinery is not new. Practically it is impossible to analyze each and every component for vibrations, Condition monitoring approach focuses on measuring the vibrations from a distance in cases where the access is limited, and also it considers the difference in vibrations at different operation speeds. In this research influence of sensor location and operating conditions of the vibration signal have been investigated on a gearbox and its associated assembly for vibration related faults. Accelerometer located on the gearbox casing was used to record vibration signals. Reference baseline vibration signals at different speeds were recorded from a healthy worm gearbox and were compared to corresponding vibration signals at faulty conditions. Vibration data were examined using conventional methods in time and frequency domain. Gearbox and crowner column Assembly errors were isolated and identified based on their RMS vibration levels using the developed setup. Keywords— Vibration Measurement, Condition monitoring, Experimental fault diagnosis, Assembly Error.