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Wind Power System – A Model For Alternate Power Source For Individual Buildings

The present world is facing power crisis. Most of the sources available to generate the power are non renewable. There is great need and scope for utilization of renewable resources for a sustainable development of the society. Since the life without electric power has become unimaginable, it is required to harness the solar, wind and wave energy etc. Wind energy describes the process by which the wind is used to generate the mechanical power or electricity. The kinetic energy of the wind is converted into mechanical power. The current study aims at designing a small unit which can be used individually for residences and offices as an alternate power source. The optimum achieved design consists of the three blades, of length 15inches (3.18m). It is installed at a height of 30ft (9.14m) from ground level (above first floor), producing a good voltage of 13-14V. Key Words- PVC-Polyvinyl chloride, Aviator- birds, bats