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Sunflower Oil As A Bio-Diesel

The earth is having limited resources of fossil fuel leads to energy crisis in the next few years, it will becomes compulsory for us to investigate the alternative fuel to overcome the energy crisis. India is having a wide variety of edible and non edible oil seeds, these seeds have a good potential for fulfilling the over energy demand. Sunflower plants are highly cultivated and high yeild plants. It is suited to our environment. Its seeds is having high potential of oil. Its using as a edible purpose. By Transesterification, with methanol and NaOH as catalyst viscosity of oil is reduced and it improves the fuel properties. Fuel properties and performance analysis on single cylinder IC Engines are carried out on diesel and different percentage of blend. It is observed that flash point, fire point, viscosity are increases with increasing of blend but its within the prescribed limits. Frictional power decreases with increasing percentage of blend. Break Thermal efficiency, mechanical efficiency BSFC are compared . 80% of blend having minimum BSFC with maximum Break Thermal Efficiency . Emission of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon are less than that of pure diesel. It is recommended for the existing engine with 80% esterified sunflower oil blend without any engine modification.