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Characterization Of Silicon Carbide Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites By Using Stir Casting Method

The objective of this work is to study about the wear characteristics, microstructure and the mechanical properties of cast silicon carbide (SiC) reinforced aluminum matrix composites (AMCs). AMCs of varying SiC content (0, 3 and 7 wt.%) were prepared by stir casting process. Wear performance, microstructure, hardness, tensile strength and compressive strength of the prepared composites were analyzed. The results were analyzed and it showed that adding SiC reinforcements in aluminum (Al) matrix increased wear resistance, tensile strength and compressive strength and 7 wt. % SiC reinforced AMC showed maximum wear resistance, tensile strength and compressive strength. Microstructural observation revealed clustering and non-homogeneous distribution of SiC particles in the Al matrix. Pin-on-disc wear test indicated that reinforcing Al matrix with SiC particles increased wear resistance. Keywords- Metal matrix composites; Stir casting; Microstructure; Wear Resistance;