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Effects Of Using Pongamia, Neem And Ricebran Methyl Esters In A Ci Engine

Abstract: The area of biodiesel production has gained its significance recently due to the present day scenario of shortage of conventional fuel and environmental concerns. In this paper potentiality of using Pongamia Methyl Ester (POME), Neem Methyl Ester (NOME) and Rice Bran Methyl Ester (ROME) as renewable and alternate fuel for conventional CI engines is studied. Transesterification process is used to produce POME, NOME and ROME from raw oils and investigations were done to test the performance and emission characteristics of biodiesel over conventional diesel fuel. The tests were carried out in a single cylinder direct injection diesel fuelled engine at varying loads. A significant reduction in engine emissions up to 33% is observed for POME than diesel (CO, HC, NOX) is noticed by the use of biodiesel while the performance remaining almost similar. Results indicated that POME has an efficiency of 26.8% compared to 27.19% which is higher than the other two oils. The reduction in efficiency is due to the higher viscosity and low atomization of B100 when compared to diesel.