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Design, Fabrication And Analysis Of Bipedal Walking Robot

Abstract: This paper describes the design, fabrication and analysis of a bipedal robot and development of a strategy of balance control of bipedal robot during its walk. By using cascading logic algorithm and control signal by the microcontroller for the servomotors placed in the links. Instead of taking 6 degree of freedom for each leg of the robot will have 3 degree of freedom (hip-1 D.O.F, knee-1D.O.F, and ankle-1D.O.F) to overcome the cost of the project and complexity of controlling of the actuators? With these six degrees of freedom (both legs) the robot is capable of walking. To describe this link orientation and angular displacements are defined using kinematic parameters mathematical calculations. Then the walking of the robot will be achieved by balancing center of mass, which calculated form the design of robot. The basic challenges involved in making bipedal robot will be studied and its uses are explained.