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Analysis of Taylor-Couette Flow Between Annulus of Rotating Cylinders

The paper talks about the efforts made in the direction of building an apparatus for the development of Taylor- Couette Flow. It also involves the analysis of the fluid flow thus obtained. It describes the methodology adopted in building the apparatus. It also describes the fluid flow obtained for a particular composition of the mixture of Glycerol and water thus providing an ideal behavior of the said fluid. The paper attempts to establish a relationship between the behaviors of the fluid flowpattern as the Reynolds number of the inner cylinder is changed, keeping the Reynolds number of the outer cylinder as constant. The paper also recognizes the problems faced while building an apparatus for the fluid flow visualization of Taylor Couette flow phenomenon between the annulus of two cylinders, one rotating and another stationary, and thus provides future scope for the development of better apparatus for the same. Index Terms— Taylor-Couette Flow, apparatus, Glycerol, water, Reynolds number.