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Study of Physico-Mechanical Properties of Porcelain Filled Aluminium LM26 Alloy For Piston Material

The current study deals with an endeavour to synthesize hybrid metal matrix composite by taking Aluminium piston alloy(LM 26) as base material and Porcelain ceramic particles as reinforcement. The hybrid metal matrix composites were fabricated with 2wt%, 4wt%, 6wt% and 8wt% porcelain filled LM26 aluminium alloy, through cost effective liquid metallurgy course i.e. stir casting technique. The physico-mechanical properties such as density, void fraction, micro hardness and tensile strength of fabricated composite were evaluated and compared. The void fraction decreases from 0.58% to 0.36% by increasing weight percent of porcelain from 0wt% to 6wt% and then increase to 0.65% for 8wt% addition of porcelain in a matrix material. The micro hardness increased by 10% by adding 8wt% porcelain to LM26 master alloy. Similarly, the tensile strength was increased by 20% for 6wt% addition of porcelain.All the tested physical and mechanical properties of fabricated composites were superiors compared to the LM 26 master alloy. Index Terms— Aluminium LM 26 Alloy, Porcelain, Mechanical Properties.