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Design and Fabrication of Waste Food Recycling Machine

The main purpose of this project is to utilize the food waste that is generated by college canteen, college hostels, hotels and restaurants etc. Almost 4500 tons of food waste are generated on a daily basis in Bangalore. The waste management team finds it difficult to manage such huge amount of waste generated, and it usually gets mixed up with other types of waste and dumped in the dumping yard ,since there are only two waste processing units in Bangalore. The waste management unit has not been very effective and it has become a unsuccessful story, So with this project we are reusing the waste food into food products for animals (dogs, birds, fish), with the help of mechanical systems(motor, mixing drum,piston,mixer,conveyor system) and chemical reagents, The principle of converting food waste into edible food for animals is similar to preparation of buns and breads. Key Words- Food Waste, Edible Food For Animals, Mechanical Systems, Chemical Reagents