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Unsteady Natural/Mixed Convection in Cavity With Fixed and Moving Rigid Body Using ISPH Method

In this study, we simulated unsteady natural/mixed convection in different boundary conditions for square cavity with rigid body motion using an incompressible smoothed particle hydrodynamics (ISPH) method. Here, ISPH tool showed a good performance for simulating fixed and movingrigid body inside cavity with different boundary conditions. In the natural convection case, we investigated the effects of the inner sloshingbaffle, fixed and moving circular cylinder on the heat transfer and fluid flow. In the mixed convection case, free falling of circular cylinder in free surface cavity and circular cylinder inside cavity are simulated. The results from this investigation show that the presence of fixed or moving rigid body inside cavity results clear effects on the heat transfer rate and fluid flow.The heated sloshing baffle have clear effects on the heat transfer rate compared to cooled sloshing baffle and its effects appeared clearly at high Rayleigh number Ra ≥ 10ସ. It is found that the flow pattern and rate of heat transfer inside the cavity are affected by the current physical parameters such as Grashof number, Reynolds number and Richardson parameter in mixed convection case and Rayleigh number in natural convection case. We validated the numerical results with previous published work with a reasonable agreement. Keywords- Circular Cylinder, ISPH, Natural Convection,Mixed Convection, Square Cavity, Rigid body.