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Development of Soiling Station

The energy demand is continuously increasing and the fossil fuel reserves are decreasing. The availability of fossil fuels has reached an alarming level and the prices have gone up substantially. The pollution caused by them has also started causing harm. The best option available is to shift to renewable sources of energy. The most dominating sector of renewable energy is the solar energy. With the advancement in the field of technology, the price of converting solar energy into some usable form has also come down. However, the maximum power generated by the solar panel is not fully used. Some of the power goes as losses in the system. Soiling is also one of the major losses along with the temperature loss. The accumulation can result in the loss of power generation from the solar panels. The paper presents a brief overview of various losses in solar photovoltaic system. Loss due to soiling being one of the major loss is focused in this paper. Soiling loss can occur due to many reasons which are listed in this paper. It also explains about some of the future cleaning technologies with current cleaning technology in India and issues related to the current cleaning method. Since soiling is a controllable loss, a proper measurement and analysis of this is required. A concept of soiling station is discussed in this paper which can be used to accurately measure the soiling loss at a particular site. Attempt is made to finalize cleaning cycle with respect to particular site for minimizing soiling losses. Revenue loss due to soiling is calculated due to soiling in the paper.