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Smart Unmanned Level Crossing System in Indian Railways

Throughout the years, Indian Railways system had undergone lots of calamities and various accidents which directly suffered people’s precious life. More than half of accidents are due to the level crossing problems in our country in which Unmanned level crossing is the main issue, where our country lacks in. India’s railway system is one of the largest railway networks all over the Asia and with this mammoth system, every level crossing in our country cannot be handled manually. So, to rectify this problem we have designed model which is totally automatic, safe, regardless of human error and the most important thing in the paper is that it is designed to compensate and save road users time. So,here is a technological system in which railways tracks near crossing are laid by a piezoelectric plates which will give electrical signals to hooters and speedometer when mechanical pressure is applied by train on plates. LED screen timer is sync with speedometer which tells time of arrival of train and automatic gates are off as the train resides near rail- road junction. This will surely reduce time and considered as an effective way to increase safety for various lives of people. Index terms- Indian Railways, Unmanned crossings, Automatic, rail-road junction