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Low Velocity Impact Test Research of Carbon Fibre Composites Incorporating Nanoclay and Nanotube

The study purpose is to determine the interactions of widely-used Nanoclay (NC) at various rates and of Multi- Walled Carbon Nanotube (MWCNT) between each other on carbon fiber composite materials. During their production via the vacuum infusion method, the carbon fiber composite laminates were produced by reinforcing the montmorillonite-based NC organized at various rates via homogenizer and the MWCNT at a constant rate into its resin. By taking the antecedent studies as basis, the constant rate of MWCNT was determined as 0.3%. The produced samples were applied low-velocity impact tests. D7136/D7136M – standard no. 12 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Damage Resistance of a Fiber- Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composite to a Drop-Weight Impact Event was utilized in the tests, and samples were prepared at the aspect ratio 100*150 mm in accordance with the measures provided by Figure 8 in the standards. 0.3% MWCNT, which gave the optimum result in the previous studies, was added to the tests that were conducted at 25J energy along with 1%, 3%, 5% NC, and the results were examined. Keywords- Nanoclay, Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube, Impact Test, Carbon Fiber Composite