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Optimization of Parameters For Spot Welding Process by Experimentation

In this paper, number of experiments is conducted to join Aluminum alloy by spot welding process by varying the parameters welding current, weld time and voltage. The experimentation is carried out using a L9 orthogonal array with three factors with each factor having three levels. The weld characteristic optimized is weld strength. The welding current - 10Amps, 20Amps and 30Amps, Voltage – 220V, 230V and 240V, Weld Time – 4Secs, 5Secs, 6Secs are taken for experimentation. The optimization is carried out using Taguchi technique using Minitab Software. Static analysis is done to determine the stresses at the weld region. Modeling is done in Pro/Engineer and Analysis is done in Ansys.