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Process Parameters Optimization For Better Surface Roughness and Material Removal Rate of Aluminum Alloy

In this paper experiments are conducted to improve the surface finish quality and material removal rate of a component by using carbide tips. The optimized parameter values are determined using Taguchi Method and Regression Analysis. The machining parameters used for roughing operation are Spindle Speed – 1000rpm, 1500rpm, 2000rpm, Cut Feed – 2000mm/min, 2500mm/min, 3000mm/min , Step Over – 20mm, 25mm, 30mm and depth of cut – 0.5mm. The machining parameters used for finishing operation are Spindle Speed – 2000rpm, 2200rpm, 2500rpm, Cut Feed – 1000mm/min, 1200mm/min, 1500mm/min , Step Over – 5mm, 10mm, 12mm and depth of cut – 0.3mm. The milling process is conducted on a CNC Vertical milling machine.