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Development of High Temperature and High Strain Rate Super Plastic Deep Drawing Process For 5656 Al Alloy Cylindrical Cups

Recent demands of world trade and automobile production are for the reduction of manufacturing lead time and weight reduction. The present work emphasizes the formability of cylindrical cups using high temperature-high strain rate (HTHSR) superplastic forming process. A statistical approach based on Taguchi Techniques and finite element analysis were adopted to determine the formability of 5656 Al alloy cups. The process parameters were temperature, strain rate, coefficient of friction and blank holder velocity. The FEA results obtained using finite element software namely D-FORM were authenticated through the experimental results. For 5656 Al alloy, the HTHSR superplastic forming process has happened at strain rate of 1.0 s-1 and temperature of 400oc. Keywords- 5656 Al alloy, high temperature, high strain rate, superplastic deep drawing process, coefficient of friction, cylindrical cups, forming limit diagram.