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Influence of Process Parameters on Hardness and Microstructure of Pre-Heat Treated Friction Welded 15cdv6 Alloy Steel

Friction welding is a relatively new joining process it is a solid state joining process the joints are formed by utilizing the heat generated by friction. This paper discusses the importance of hardness in friction welded components with respect to the process parameters. The process parameters considered in this research work are friction force, Forge force, rotational speed and burn-off length for the 15CDV6 alloy steel rods of 17mm diameter with an aim to understand the influence of process parameters on welds hardness properties and the microstructure is optimized to establish the weld quality using the Taguchi experiment design technique with an orthogonal array of L9, ANOVA. The various applications of the 15CDV6 alloy steel is mentioned in this paper the durability of the joint plays a major role to serve its purpose. The optimization of parameters of hardness will be useful for the joints of this particular 17mm diameter rods. Keywords— Friction welding, 15CDV6 alloy steel, hardness, Taguchi method, microstructure.