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New Product Development of Innovative Shaving Razor by Rapid Prototyping

An ergonomic design is provided to a shaving razor. The design concept is identified by the bench marking process on the existing product. The razor parts are designed using the SOLIDWORKS. The design files are converted into ‘stl’ format. The ‘stl’ file serves as the input of the Selective Laser Sintering machine. The ergonomic design is done by impressing a clay model with hand to form a pattern, which fits with the human hands. The shape and size of the pattern is retrieved by using the Reverse Engineering Technique. Selective laser sintering process is used to fabricate the parts. All the parts are assembled together manually. This innovative razor has ergonomics design on the handle and uses the standard blades for shaving. Thus, it will be economical and fits with the human beings who use them. Index Terms— Razor, Ergonomic, Rapid Prototyping, Additive Manufacturing, Standard Blade.