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Hysteresis Analysis of Connecting Rod Using FEA Techniques

Connecting rod is one of the most important component in engine which is subjected to high stress and repetitive loadings. In this paper we are going to study the effect of various loading condition on connecting rod. We will be using two loading condition one will be incremental loading condition and other will be fully reverse loading. Effect of this parameters will be studied with the help of change on plastic and elastic strain. Since our problem will be in nonlinear material only stress results will not be sufficient, strain will be play an important role in this. For full reverse loading we have observed that there is recovery in the material property where as in incremental loading there is deterioration in it. Thus we can conclude that if there is deterioration in material there will be significant change in the life of component. Index Terms— Connecting rod, Hysteresis loop, Elastic Strain, Plastic strain.